Most effective way to prepare your land for organic farming

Organic farming, an alternate method for agricultural farming which has been practiced since its introduction in the early 20th century, consists of cultivating the land and using organic wastes to maintain soil health and natural fertility for a longer period. Below are the best methods to ensure your farm land is maintained organically.

SOIL MAINTENANCESoil loses quality and fertility over time after few seasons of planting and harvesting. Its highly advisable to periodically check your soil status, get its P.H tested in agricultural office for the best results.

SOIL MANAGEMENTAfter checking your soil state, make any possible corrections needed and use the best organic manure(biological fertilizers) fit to raise your soil nutrients back to fertility. Use Composting methods(increases production of beneficial fungi and bacteria which results to less chemical fertilizers, reduction in pests and diseases and breaks down every organic matter to create rich soil nutrients).

FARMLAND PREPARATIONEnsure there is proper drainage, make good use of mulching processes as its one of the best ways to control weed and maintain soil moisture. Capitalize on inter-cropping(reduces growth of weeds, pests and diseases while utilizing resources), practice use of green manure, select the most appropriate seeds and crops to plant for the season and most appropriate for your farm land.

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