Massage for Farmers in Thailand

At first glance at the news about Thailand, you are likely to miss the whole picture. Enough has been said about the countries sustained growth and poverty reduction. What has been less discussed is the life of the farmers and the country’s low-income earners.

Life about Working on a Farmland in Thailand

Thailand is the world’s largest rice exporter. Of all the countries farmland over half of it is under rice farming. Over 13 Million of the country’s population works in rice farms. There is normally a lot of time that goes into rice farming. The fact that rice is planted on the waterlogged lands makes the situation even harder. The result of this is about 13 Million of the country’s population spending most of their days bending in the farms. The competition in the agricultural sector does nothing to help the situation.

How this farming can affect your body

The human body is by design meant to work best while the backbone is at the natural S shape. Bending for long periods of time goes against this. The backbone is the main information highway of the body. Severe injury on this vital part of the body will most possibly leave permanent damage. Farming that involves long periods of bending and lifting objects can result in serious damage to the backbone. Standing on muddy wet soil for long periods of time also risks your body. This is due to the uneven base; the result of this could lead to muscle pain and other issues.

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How massage can help

1. Massage helps increase blood circulation in tense and overworked muscles. Massage can, therefore, help an overworked back recover faster from soreness.

2. Massage helps the body avoid future injury by making the muscles less tense. This makes your muscles to go under less strain while working.

3. Bending for long calls for flexibility, massage can help with this as muscle relaxation improves flexibility.

4. Massage helps the body increase the release of endorphin. These chemicals help reduce stress, help in pain reduction and allow for faster recovery.

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